8 Basic Christian Beliefs

Christianity defines one relationship with Christ. However, one can never identify themselves as a Christian just because he or she belongs to a certain institution that is Christian. A Christian must know the right doctrines governing Christianity and thus, has beliefs that govern them.




God in Christianity, there is the existence of a supreme being, God. He is omnipresent though invisible. He is the initiator of all things and protects Christians from evil. In the holy book, he is the creator. He makes the world and everything in it. The supreme being is a jealous God and codon no evil. He alone is to get worshiped.


Jesus Christ

Christians believe that Jesus Christ existed. He is the son of God. He is said to have walked through Judea many years ago. In the Old Testament, Jesus Christ communicated His wish to humanity. God sent Jesus Christ to the world to accomplish His will. He delivered the word as he was the word Himself. Even though he got conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit, He had a physical body. Jesus also had needs equivalent to those of a normal human. He passed on on the cross whereby on the third, he rose and ascended to heaven.


Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit is known to dwell amongst the believers. It is by the spirit that Christians are born again. Even though in spirit form, the Holy Spirit has a personality. He executes the sins of men and wants Christians to lead exemplary lives.




Prayer is the form of communication to the supreme being. Prayers are done in faith, and one can get responses for challenging scenarios through prayers. Prayers are vital in a Christians life. When praying, it is time to get broken and vulnerable to let in the Holy Spirit take control. You feel energized and hopeful after praying.


The Bible


It is the inspired word of God. It is through the Bible that Christians get a better understanding of God. Through the Bible, Christians are guided on how to handle different life situations. It serves to encourage and give hope for better days. The bible is the water of life. Each word quenches the thirst. So, religion shouldn’t be a part of what to ask a divorce lawyer in case you’re planning on getting divorced. 




Christians believe in salvation. It is through salvation that we are made new creatures who are impeccable before God. After salvation, we become acceptable before God, and we get assured of going to heaven to live happily with God.




A church is the building whereby people of the same faith congregate to worship or even to give thanks. A church serves as the body of Christ. Churches have been established worldwide to make it known worldwide that God exists. As believer assembles in the church, they are united by one belief. Whether inside or outside, a church can be an assembly of more than two. Therefore, every time two or more gather in the name of God; they make a church.




Christians believe in Eschatology. It is the time that Christ will return to take His church. Those that died and were believers will get resurrected. It will be a day of great tribulation since those that were not n salvation will face their judgment. The believers will be rewarded enormously whereas, for the non-believers, it will be a wailing day.